My Blog is Now Password Protected

Recently snippets of my blog have been copied and pasted to a forum, and picked apart in a rather negative and nasty way. For this reason I am making most of my posts private. If you would like to read more about us and our life on the road because you are genuinely interested and/or inspired by our journey, please email me: and I will give you the password to access my blog.

I enjoy writing and sharing about our life and our travels, but I definitely do not need the negative attention and incorrect assumptions about our life maliciously and anonymously spread across the web – especially by people who don’t even know us. My blog is for our family and friends to stay updated with our travels, and for people who aspire to be peaceful parents, are interested in unschooling, or even want to take their lives on the road and find our story inspiring.

For those who want to be here with love: welcome, enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your comments and I will reply as soon as I can to any questions that you may have 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Blog is Now Password Protected

  1. Amanda cronin

    I just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog and it is such a pity the internet bullies targeted you. Enjoy your travels- i hope you love Tasmania my original home- lots of free camping and amazing national parks. One tip St. Helens on the east coast has free hot showers at the wharf public toilets.

  2. kc williams

    I read your interview on Raising Miro and would love to learn more about your life. I’m an English teacher (who loves teaching in a school setting) living in the USA, but that doesn’t mean I’m an adversary! I’d love to read more about your life and how it works. I teach children with learning disabilities and am always in search of methods that might break thru barriers. And I think your life sounds very exciting! Please consider adding me?

    1. alice Post author

      Hello and thank you for commenting 🙂 I’ve just started blogging again – after 8 months. The password to access my posts: Ascension40

      Warm regards, Alice.


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