Extensive List of Unschooling Articles, Videos & Radio Interviews

A member of the Whole Life Unschooling Facebook page posted an extensive list of articles, videos & radio interviews – here they are:

Unschooling Articles:

The Basics of Unschooling (Zen Habits)

What is Unschooling? (Natural Child)

Deschooling (Natural Child)

3 Stages of Unschooling (Living Joyfully)

An Unschoolers Thoughts on Media (Dayna Martin)

What do unschoolers do all day? (Life Learning Magazine)

Forced vs. Natural (Dayna Martin)

Freedom is Not Unparenting (Dayna Martin)

Acceptance vs. Tolerance (Enjoy Parenting)

I’m Not Raising Corporate America (Natural Parents Network)

Websites to browse:

Dayna Martin

Collection of Article (Unschoolers)

Collection of Articles (Home Ed Mag)


The War on Kids (public education system)

Changing Education Paradigms (RSAnimate)

Do schools kill creativity? (Sir Ken Robinson)

Bring on the learning Revolution!

Educating the Heart and Mind

How to escape education’s death valley

Dayna Martin Links:

Dayna Martin (YouTube)

What is “Unschooling”?

What is Radical Unschooling?

Authentic Parenting

The Role of Unschooling Parents

The Radical Unschooling Lifestyle, with Joe Martin

Freedom with food, bed-times, and media

Math (Unschooling Style)

Various Interviews

Freedomain Radio Interview

The 2nd Freedomain Radio Interview

Interview by Every Witch Way

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